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Best WhatsApp Lock App


Best WhatsApp Lock App

Best WhatsApp Lock App 

Invisiblock is the ultimate app locker with a unique invisible gesture unlocking mechanism.Now you can hand your phone to anyone without worrying about your privacy being compromised ever.No unauthorized user would ever know whether you've locked your apps or not or why they can't access them. Its an invisible layer of security that protects your privacy and keeps your personal data secure.

The Features of WhatsApp Lock App 

You advertise this app correctly. Your description is correct as well. You will need to unlock one of your locked apps in order to have the icon back. Everyone who wants ultimate security, install this app! Can you upgrade the app to not display error screen, but black screen? And it will have two options namely Error and Death. And Error will have the fake error, while Death will display the fake black screen. But why did you remove the Prevent Uninstall option?
  • No root required.
  • Hides location and IP.
  • Unblocks the restricted web content.
  • Prevents tracking.
  • Allows access to hidden networks.
  • ARP spoofing detection.
  • Built-in firewall.
  • Tethering supported.
  • No analytics.
  • No advertisements.

What Does mean by WhatsApp Lock App

This is one of the greatest apps everyone should use for keeping privacy! It requires a little technical knowledge to set it up the proper way, however, menu and submenu layout is greatly designed and logically structured, extremely easy to navigate within. If the developer will add adblocking hostfile txt options, this app will be a true masterpiece! Thank you.

How to Download WhatsApp Lock App

Dear Friends if You want to Download this App then see the App link and click there then you will get the App. and You will enjoy it, thank you so much.

App Link -  

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