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How to Reply WhatsApp message when You are offline


How to Reply WhatsApp message when You are offline

How to Reply WhatsApp message when You are offline

This is a fantastic app, which offers better privacy. Without even opening my whatsapp and instagram, this app lets me read all messages without any tension of last seen message, blue ticks, or anything else which let the user know that I have actually read the complete message very clearly. The only pitfall or this app is it doesn't show the attachment of multi media files(photo, video, speech), may be the developer could work more on this further. It's truely a recommended app for privacy.DirectChat allows you to create ChatHeads/Chat Bubbles for any application. It manages all your conversation in one place to help you to have a non interrupted conversation. You can also read and reply to all messages privately without ever coming online or showing your last seen. It comes with more than 20 messengers support by default. Additionally, it acts as your own Notification Manager to manage all your notifications in one place. Additionally, You can also customize the chat appearance to suit your needs with different colors and transparency.

The Features of Offline WhatsApp message App

This is a great app, however, it no longer works properly. It's not the developers fault but it appears that Android 12 is causing the issue. It stops you pressing any other key on your phone until you clear the chathead. I've tested this on different phones and different chathead apps. All with the same issue making the app useless. But hopefully there's a work around and all will be sweet again.
  • ChatHead/Bubble Support for all apps.
  • Recover deleted messages by others in chat.
  • Privacy Mode - Read messages without coming online or showing last seen.
  • MultiWindow/MultiTasking - Chat over the top of any window.
  • DND Mode - Pause the ChatHead Service temporary and stop receiving its notification.
  • Blacklist Apps.
  • Blocked Users.

What Does mean by Offline WhatsApp message App

It's good, it just need a few more tweaks. I can't see photos in it yet and I hope I will be able to in the next update. The basic features are good enough for me. Btw, how about you guys consider adding the feature to send pictures and files? I am thankful for the app, it's been hellish to manage multiple accounts. Edit: You guys need to work on syncing too. It doesn't show past messages and it's hard for backtracking and you have to open the main app to do so.

How to Download Offline WhatsApp message App

Dear Friends if You want to Download this App then see the App link and click there then you will get the App. and You will enjoy it, thank you so much.

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