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WhatsApp Volume button trick


WhatsApp Volume button trick

WhatsApp Volume button trick 

 Excellent app. Especially the app-related option, very customisable. Single button option is my preferred choice, it opens your choice of control sliders, including brightness, and preset levels per app! Everything works as intended and does exactly what I want. Installed on Samsung phones, tablets, and car head unit. Well worth the one-off subscription, recommended.Assistive Volume Button shows the volume buttons on the edge of the screen which simulates the volume control functionality of the phone's physical volume keys.Volume buttons can be moved on the screen to be placed anywhere on the side edge.You can customize buttons and sliders. Change the size, color, transparency, style such as iOS, MIUI and more.Now, I'm thinking in a couple of things that need improvement: I have no full Assistiveness because there is no slider for notifications (on realme 7 Pro, ringtone and notifications can be adjusted separately, for instance) and buttons are not floating (seems their position can't be changed at will)... nevertheless, the app is already useful.

The Features of Volume button trick 

Best onscreen volume button out there. Works very well. But at times it disappear but comes back soon. It would be nice if there is option in notification bar to turn it off when not needed on screen like for a screenshot or so. Bcoz already there is notification on statusbar when its active, so why not add turn on/off switch too.
  • Turn flashlight on and off.
  • Control music (play/ pause/ skip track/ previous track).
  • Announce currently playing music (with computer voice).
  • Change keyboard.
  • Change system language.
  • Change screen orientation.
  • Turn on and off screen auto-rotation.
  • Turn on and off Bluetooth.
  • Set sound mode (sound/ vibrate/ mute).
  • Turn on and off Do Not Disturb.

What Does mean by Volume button trick 

This application and your ideas are good. But I have experienced some security issues. I locked my 'File Manager' with this application. When I try to open it, it will only open after I press my volume key up to a certain time that I fixed. But if anyone tried to search any files keywords, then it will show the concerned file and it can be viewed or played if it as a video file. Remember...it is a application locker. Then, how this type of files are protected...?

How to Download Volume button trick 

Dear Friends if You want to Download this App then see the App link and click there then you will get the App. and You will enjoy it, thank you so much.

App Link - 

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